Farm Credit West, Yuba City, California, USA

Project: Farm Credit West, Yuba City, California, USA

Client: Borges Architectural Group

I always prefer the natural light at pre sunrise and it usually depends on many things like building orientation is a key factor. Shooting under quiet light allows for the inside of the building to come alive. Mother nature at times always raises her ugly head, with this project moisture in the exterior panels, either retouch or reshoot and I have the luxury to do it the right way “RESHOOT” at dusk.


Here is a final image retouching taking out the moisture, it works but but let’s see what happens on a reshoot without the moisture.

Here is a final angle with photoshop retouching looks great but we need to add some punch of color at least there is no moisture in the exterior panels and it’s better having the sunset reflecting on our problem wall.

OK pretty happy like the punch of color and the little bit of blue light reflecting in the glazing which pulls your eyes into the final composition.

Always nice to have a straight elevation, shows off the signage.

Slight variations five feet this way, more dramatic roof lines anything is possible when you there at the right time, timing is everything.

Lets move more to the front of the building to be able to capture some of the signage. I think my bases are covered, great shots at dusk, short deadline, magazine add due by 10:00 the next morning. One of my friends calls me the Postman because I always deliver.

I hope you enjoyed a just look at the Farm Credit West building in Yuba city, Ca.