PZ Structural Engineers Interiors

_Q8A8183.jpgAll of my work I actually do a pre production walk thru, shoot digital images and put those images into a 8 1/2 x 11 proposal.  This answers many questions, best times to shoot, address cleanup and from the scouting shots everybody is on the same page.

_Q8A7930.jpgClean simply bold with the use on contrasting colors and artwork.

_Q8A7936.jpgMany angles to choose from which show off the space.

_Q8A8110.jpgWith the help of the staff all of the interiors were clean, ready to shoot all I had to do was pick the best time of the day and accessorize the shots.

_Q8A8035.jpgSome of the shots, I shot from an elevated position to get a bird’s eye view.

_Q8A8399.jpgI  like to add people to humanize the space when its appropriate, adding motion with a slight blur just makes it look like the space is being used.

_Q8A8436.jpgFrom the pre production scouting we were able to choose what is best for this shot, on a week day we had distracting cars out the windows, on a weekend no cars and by setting up cones in the parking lot we were able to make this a clean and colorful shot._Q8A8525.jpgWith the help of Cameon at PZ, we were able to have some staff available for this shot, clean, real, colorful and bold.

_Q8A8503.jpgLet’s just make it free real, not staged and this works real nice.

_Q8A8468.jpgMy day started here at 10:00 in the morning, then we took a break, came back one hour before dusk to shoot the people shots and shoot any dusk shots. My fees were split with three clients and the furniture manufacturer came on later to buy usage on images.

In the end, I am happy, when I please myself, my standards are always set high, everybody is happy and that’s what is all about delivering your artistic vision every time.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer


916 996 7560