Corporate shots

My good friend of mine wanted some professional shots of his  
granddaughter who wants to be a professional singer. Come to the 
studio and I will help her get to first base with photo's. I think it 
was a good start.


Shot in the studio, with a Broncolor Move system and a Para 88 fashion umbrella. This is the raw file, no retouching, no make up artist. She definitely needs some re touching to smooth the skin.


In a separate portrait program, I added skin smoothing, added eye 
shadow, eye liner, changed the color of the lip stick, and made her 
cheeks stand out. Wow!


All the same re touching as the above shot, clean and simple.


All the same re touching as the above shot but in a new layer, I 
wanted to soften the background, to give a different look to the finalimage.


I like having the freedom to be creative, it always allows my vision to come thru in this portrait.  In a portrait program, enhanced the face, then in a separate photoshop program, I added a layer the make it look like a caulk painting, then came back in and erased the effects over her face. I think the final results with no makeup artist,  look amazing. Just having these tools at your finger tips just opens up many possibilities.



Anything is possible this might be an album cover. I next shoot might be on location maybe in some old alleyway.


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Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer