Pride Industries IN THE STUDIO

Pride Industries an update to their web site

I have done their annual report for a long time and Pride wanted to go in a different direction, open ears we came up with a plan and a cost effective solution to put new life into their web site. They wanted to have new people shots, so we decided to shoot in the studio and shoot many variations with different props.

We had a team approach, we thought it would be best to use professional models and we had great talent to pull this off.

We wanted to show simple clean shots of how they actually work in the field.

Simple clean shots

It was important to show all aspects of the kind of work that they do. All of these images have a place in their web site and can be used for years.

Nice smile and we have a good selection of people to give some diversity.

Having a great make-up artist like Jean Fox , a second set of eyes always helps when you have to deliver clean colorful images

We wanted to show individual shots of people so we would have a great selection of images to work from.

I always like to have fun no matter what I do and let’s end up with a fun shot. I just like having the models get in the cart, smile , just doing something different.

I hope you enjoyed my artistic vision with Pride Industries. Look to the next shoot on location at Vision Service Plan.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography