Sonoma Hospital

Nacht & Lewis Architects, Sacramento, California, USA

All of my work involves a pre production trip to tie down the scope of work and address any problems prior to the photo shoot.  When I was scheduled for the interiors the exteriors were not ready to shoot.  Here is a partial view, I really like how the shadows cast shadows on the overhangs.

Timing is everything and this was was critical had to be shot at dusk, there is no other way to do this, it just adds the depth when it’s done like this.

Run inside set all the furniture and capture the right moment when the outside light levels start to drop.  Having the blue light out the windows just gives contrasting colors which always helps.  There is always clean up to make the shots right.

Let’s move in closer to capture the seating area.

Awesome to have some creative art on the walls.  Sometimes we have to shoot around things that are not finished, in this case, the fish aquarium, art work and books missing which  would have completed the shot, but it still works.

It’s always nice to show the circulation and the changing floor materials.

Let’s move in where the surgery happens, shoot a 3/4 view and remove any clutter and it works.

I am shooting thru a window to get this view, I have to work with what I have, no staff  available to help accessorize or gather any props, I am on my own.

This was one of the rooms that felt completely done, only minor adjustments and shoot the finals.

We are ready to move up to the second floor and let’s start in the waiting area.. Clean, simple and caught at the exact moment when the outside light is not to bright.

Set the curtains, clean and accessorize and it would have been nice to have the counter accessorized, just have to work around what I have available. 

This had to be done when the outside light values drop to cut down from the daylight coming in the windows. Attention to detail is a must, the only thing that was missing were the beds, just have to shoot around it.

The Sterilization room, clean, accessorize and keep it simple.

We move into the major surgery room, work with what I have, clean, accessorize and pick good clean angles

Pride Industries on Location

We had a very successful shoot in the studio and out next assignment was to shoot on location. 

All of my work has pre production work to tie down the scope of work, address any problems prior to the shoot then everything runs like a Swiss watch.

From the scouting to the final image no surprises, clean architectural lines, excellent supplemental lighting, great color and it’s looks real like it is not a staged shot.

I just like the bold use of contrasting colors, simple and clean.

Probably my favorite shot great contrasting colors, great expressions and it looks like a clean corporate interior.

Let’s work this shot great contrast between the the red chair and the green wall, a show stopper.

Pride Industries also works in the food service industry and we wanted to show this aspect of what they do, clean and colorful.

It’s always nice to show their personality  with a great smile and using professional models made my work a lot easier.

We had to shoot with safety glasses on and off in various locations

Simple, clean, colorful with excellent supplemental lighting. 

It would have been nice to have more than two models to give them more working possibilities but sometimes I have to work with what I have.  A great shoot and I am very pleased with the finals images.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography