Barlett Commons Davis, California

Mogavero Architects, Sacramento, California, USA

Pre production scouting was used to tie down the scope of work and bring in multiple clients to share in the costs.  This was planned to shoot in early springtime before all of the trees had their foliage.

I always try to start at pre sunrise to be able to capture the soft light, open shadows and bring a little of the exterior lighting to help set a colorful mood.

This was a N-E orientation and had to be shot at pre sunrise to get light on the north side of the building.

Coordination  is everything you just don’t show up and have a cleared parking lot.  Working with the building manager we were able to almost have a 100% cleared parking lot.

A slight variation in the shot above proper placement of the light fixture is critical.

It’s always nice to capture some kind of detail shot and in this case I like how the window screens block the light.

Always nice to show off how the circulation works.

A very strong vertical just captures a lot in this kind of shot.

Let’s come back at dusk and shoot some exteriors

Run to the inside accessorize the foreground and capture the blue light out the windows which helps set contrasting colors.

I was lucky I had a new client from Southern California that also wanted this shot, very easy with the pre pre production work done to send the scouting shots and split the fees between two clients

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography