Farm Credit West, Rocklin, California

With a very long list of pre production scouting the final scope was tied down, now I can get to work. I always like to shoot at pre sunrise, which is one of my favorite times to shoot, these two shots were done on two separate morning.
Clean and style all of the shots, attention to detail is a must.
We did have maintance problems, easy to cancel the shoot, we had most of the overhead lights were burned out, not enough time to wait for maintenance, I will just fix the lights in photoshop. All of the angles that were picked were to show off the curves, strong diagional lines that push your eyes into the final composition.
Clean, colorful, picking the right time to control the outside light values is always critical in these kind of shots.
It’s always nice to look back the other way and in this shot it shows off the flooring, artwork and the natural daylighting. The second shot it’s always nice to capture a birds eye view which just adds depth the the final shot.
Excellent circulation, great plants, awesome flooring and the use natural light makes this a great place to work.
A very large conference room, take your time, set all of the chairs to the same height and let’s pull a detail shot on the back wall.
Here is another morning at pre sunrise. I wantedin the gym to have contrasting colors from the outside blue light to the yellow walls to give some contrast. The other shot let’s open the exterior glazing so we can have an open relationship to the outside patio. This shot took sometime to do to open all of the partitions, but I was there extra early and with the help of Brad from Farm Credit West, everything went smooth.

Client: Borges Architectural Group, Harrison construction, & Corporate Design Group.

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