Dry Creek School, Antelope, California

Pre production scouting tied down the scope of work. It was determined from the scouting the we wanted to shoot at pre sunrise and have all of the interior and exterior lights on. In this case was had to have a extra person in the building to keep the lights on from the motion sensors. Our second shot was from a Drone which gave us a birds eye view .
Pick an angle that is clean, simple, set the furniture, remove any clutter, with years of practice, it just makes this process easy. I actually like the metal mixed with the wood, the woods just adds enough warmth to pull your eyes into the composition. The second shot it always nice to pick a birds eye view, this let’s you see over the partitions and just adds lots of depth the the final illustration.
It’s always nice to pick a birds eye view to be able to see over the partitions in these kind of shots, it just adds lots of depth in the final illustration. Good clean composition, contrasting colors and shot at the right time of the day to mix the light from the skylights, timing is everything.
There are two versions to this shot, one shot the blinds are open with daylight coming into the space, the outside light is a distraction to me. The next version is with the blinds down, this just balances the composition, adding some blue light out the windows just adds some depth.

Client: Nacht & Lewis Architects & Otto Construction.

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