Normandy Medical Center, Stockton, Ca.

All of my work involves pre production scouting, it ties down the scope of work, answers problems prior to the photo shoot and I get to decide what is best for each illustration.
Excellent use of stong colors and these shots had an western exposure with glazing, harsh daylight entering the space the solution shoot at dusk when the outside light values start to change, this was determined thru the pre production scouting.

It’s aways nice to shoot one point perspectives it just pushes your eyes into the composition. This also had to be done after the sun went down to lower the contrast out the exterior windows.

I always like to shoot over the paritions to get a birds eye view which just adds depth the the final illustration. We always like to include a typical exam room, excellent color, rasting colors and great artwork.

Client: WMB Architects

Ed Asmus
Architectural, People & Done Services
Ed Asmus Photography