Golden West School

Manteca, California, USA

DLR Group

My plan was to set up at pre sunrise, turn on any interior and exterior lighting and shoot from a 12′ ladder. The idea was good but when you got to the top of the ladder we got to see all the mechanical equipment on the roof, cancel that idea.

I do like this shot and carefully placing the fence in the foreground eliminates the pavement.

I always like to have as many partial views as possible.

We move back inside after we complete our exteriors. Our client wanted to have some people in the shots to help humanize the spaces.

This works for being in open shade, nice scale of placement of the people.

Clean, simple make it look real and shoot the final image.

I think we covered all of the areas that we needed to shoot.

I like this shot not to busy with to many people in the shot.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography