Here is a quick look at a building in Natomas, short deadline.

DesCore Buillders & Vitae Architecture

I have always have used pre production scouting to tie down the scope of work and address any problems prior to a photoshoot. This has always been a great tool and makes for cost effective photo shoot. In this assignment everything was due in a week, the only problem is that there was a chain link fence around the property which had to come down in order to get great photo’s. The scouting identified the main problem and on Monday the fence came down, shoot at dusk on Monday, back at dawn, any pick up shots on Tuesday at dusk, photoshop on Wednesday, delivered to the client on Thursday one day before the deadline.

Here is a final with the fence down, clean, crisp and colorful. With massive trees behind me I wanted a warm glow in the glazing but the trees were to big to do that. I decided to have the trees frame the shot and have the trees reflecting in the glazing for the final.

These shots had a north orientation which meant no sunlight on the north side of the building until June. The only solution was to shoot at pre sunrise and dusk. I actually like the dusk shots better the pre sunrise shots and these kind of shots always depends on the building orientation.

After the major exteriors were completed at dawn, I flew the drone to capture some birds eye views of the project.

On the interiors there was a major problem holding detail in the light fixtures, the solution was to bracket five shots and put those shots in an HDR program to reduce the contrast in the ceiling. The exterior interior view was something that just caught my eye and had to shoot some variations of this shot.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

916 996 7560

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