Adding People to Architectural Shots

Otto Construction

Project: Riverview Dorms CSUS, Sacramento, California, USA

The Architect did a great job designing this building. The kitchen and corner areas were designed to take in the views of the river. I particularly like the addition of a person reclining on the couch, adding to the natural, real feeling of the center photo.

We were able to succeed in capturing the photo’s with and without people. Movement using people humanizes the photo’s. Although sometimes difficult to provide people in the shots at dawn and dusk, we were able to achieve this, thanks to Otto Construction. Having the pre production scouting shots done prior to the shoot we were able to know where we wanted people for all of our final shots, no guess work.

Bedding, props, and artwork were not provided in the dorm rooms. Otto Construction brought in all the bedding and props all I had to do is style the shot. I particularly like the contrasting colors of the bedding in these rooms. I added the artwork on the walls in photoshop.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

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