St Josephs Catholic Church Remodel, Marysville, Ca.

This church was built in 1855 and Jackson construction was hired to do the renovation and bring this church back to life.

Careful use of natural light and picking a day in the wintertime when there is no fog or bad weather is always a challenge.
We shot the old spire being removed and the new spire being installed along with drone footage. The old spire weights 11,500 pounds. The new spire was made out of fiberglass and weights 300 pounds and was fabricated in Texas.

All of the existing stained glass was removed and sent to Iowa. The stained glass was disassembled, labeled, released, reassembled, welded back together and shipped back to Marysville, Ca.

It’s hard to image that this church is 166 years old and what a fun project to be involved in.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography


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