140 Main Street, Roseville, California

Mogavero Architects

Being a licensed 107 Drone pilot it was nice to be able to get a bird’s eye view of the project.

A good overall exterior view but your hands get’s tied with street lights, you just have to pick the best vantage point. In this case the drone shot works the best.

Early morning light gives this a nice shadows. I always like to get no cars in my architectural shots but many times it’s very difficult to achieve. This was shot in HDR and combined three shots to lower the contrast.

This time of the year you always get pleasing shadows, take this same shot in the summer and your shadows that won’t be attractive. What really works for is the architects design of the different planes and the their choice of colors.

Good natural light brings out the colors and defines the shape of the different planes.

It all depends on what kind of light you prefer, this is late afternoon hard light. This light gives hard shadows with contrasting colors that are vivid. The light standards are busy but it is possible to retouch them out.

A similar shot to the above shot but after the sun goes down, I like both views it all depends on what story your going to tell.

A nice courtyard shot. My first try had to cancel, the ascent lights were not coming on at dusk and no access to the first floor meeting room. Back the second time, all the lights are on, shot in HDR combing three exposures for the final. My final variation replaced the sky with something that was pleasing and looked natural.

I would have liked to shoot this later to get blue light out the windows but I had many different angles to shoot, can’t be in all of those places at one time.

I just like the architects selections of colors both inside and outside it all flows really nice.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People and Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography