Sacramento Behavior Health

This is a project that has been in the works for sometime. My pre production scouting shots started back in November 2020 and June 2020, politics is always gets in the way. The architect and the builder wanted to use their own photographer, simply out of my control. My client got their final images back and only one or two images were usable.

This building has a north elevation with no sun on the North side until the month of June. This was critical to capture this in the natural light lighting with the sun lighting up the North elevation. The solution is wait until June 2021 shoot ground exteriors and drone shots then. Being patient, waiting a year to do it the right way always makes all the difference in getting a hero shot. We are now close on re visiting the exteriors for the final hero shots. Let’s start the interiors now.

We finally get the approval to start photography in February 2021. I always make recommendations from my pre production scouting in this case, I recommended adding art to walls for color, I was overruled. How to do take a static shot and add some dramatics? I decided to had some motion blur to the images with people. Careful placement of the people adds just the right amount of human interest. We will be coming back to add video at a later date.

A nice lobby shot to show the brick add some people and shoot late afternoon, so there are no reflections in the glazing at the reception desk.

The nurses station let’s continue adding a motion blur where it works.

Adding a couple people, setting the furniture correctly all help make this work.

I did not have control of the time of day to shoot this shot, but to control the contrast in the windows three HRD shots were combined to make this shot.

Clean and simple and again HDR was used to combine three shots together.

What to do do in a shot like this? There not enough in this room to make this really pop but it is a required shot. Let’s add a motion blur to add some human interest.

We had to shoot in several different areas to show a patient group meeting.

All of out shots were done with and without facemasks. I actually shot this with many variations and really like slowing down the shutter speed to get some movement in the hand gestures, it just adds action and human interest.

Nice to have eye contact and in some of my variations. I slowed down the shutter speed to get some movement in hand gestures.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography