Del Campo High School Career Technology Center

Nacht & Lewis Architects & XL Construction.

This project gave new life to an old structure, a complete face lift inside and out.

I wanted to shoot at dusk and have the interior lights on at dusk. My client always brings a team of people so we can have people in the interior to keep the lights on because of the motion sensors.

Clean, colorful, excellent use of colors.

Let’s move in closer for a partial view.

What’s real cool, the architect had a competition with the students, the winner get’s to have a piece of art on the wall. Such talent at this school and what a wonderfull idea from the architect to add some students art to the wall, pretty cool. This shot was not on my shoot list but a great grab shot to add.

Having a team of people, I am able to art direct from behind the camera, major clean up to get the final shot. I really like how the architect pulled back the ceiling to be able to see the existing light from the windows, pretty creative and well thought out.

Being in Covid times, no students were present to use in the shots, so I used my client, add some movement to get a blur of color and you get a bold exciting photo.

Who would thing that a high school would have a classroom for firefighters, shoot when I was in high school we had manual typewriters, makes me feel like a dinosaur.

TV Broadcasting, social media wow the opportunities kids have today.

It’s just like a real television station

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography


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