Bowling Ball Beach

Bowling Ball Beach, Point Arena, California

This is truly an amazing place to visit. I prefer the black and white over the color, but both have their place.

It’s all about being at the right place at the right time. You don’t want to be here at low tide the rocks are high and dry and at high tide they are all covered up. A good tide table helps you pick the ideal time to be there for photo’s. We struck out our first time here.

At high tide not many rocks to see, some shots to get but we are not here at the ideal time, reschedule.

The magic comes in when you dial in the tide graph, you have to be able to pick a tide that is half way up at sunset, many variables to put you here at the right time. All of my exposures were at 32 seconds I wanted movement of the water and clouds to become design elements.

The magic happens for me, when I move in a different direction than the normal. Trying something new like long exposures adds a lots of depth and creativity.

The ocean, peaceful. the sound of the water is quite soothing to the soul, just a great place to explore, I just plan to do more of this type of photography in the future.

I am hooked on long exposures and they have a creative place in shooting my architectural work. There are times when my exposures are eight minutes long and if you shoot three shots to be safe and you are there at least half hour for one shot.. I am sure Ansel Adams would love shooting like this.

I recently printed an images out of this series, huge and framed it, all I can say it’s awesome. One of my fellow photographers in Las Vegas Eric Jamison also wanted the same print, it’s just extremely nice to share this with my friend Eric.

One of my favorites, I just love the row of rocks in the foreground in the dark, while you got the island of rocks out further with the movement of the water and clouds. This just gives this images a soft silky feel.

Both the color and black and white are powerful images. What a joy this was for me to capture stunning images of Bowling Ball Beach.

Let’ end with a close up of some shells many things to see if you slow down.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People & Drone Photography

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Hyatt Hotel, Davis California

The HR Group of Architects, Sacramento, California.

It is always nice to capture a great detail shot. This was shot at dusk because of the building orientation. I especially like the reflections at the far end of the building with the sun setting in the glazing.
This has a north orientation of the building and only lights up during the month of June, timing is everything. I picked the most dramatic angle which shows off the building under natural light. I tried to work with the Hyatt and house keeping to see if I could get all the blinds open and some things are completely out of your control.

Wow, clean colorful, excellent composition, attention to detail is a must. Thus was shot at dawn 5:20 am to eliminate the people and the blue light out the exterior windows to contrast with the warmth of the interior colors.

Excellent design and color, the architects did a great job designing the space. I always like to shoot one point perspectives, they just push your eyes to the center of the photo.
All I have to do is pick the best angles and execute.

Excellent colorful art, the wood and furnishing, looks awesome. It would say a great job on picking the best angles in the space and delivering, clean, crisp colorful photo’s.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography