Hyatt Hotel, Davis California

The HR Group of Architects, Sacramento, California.

It is always nice to capture a great detail shot. This was shot at dusk because of the building orientation. I especially like the reflections at the far end of the building with the sun setting in the glazing.
This has a north orientation of the building and only lights up during the month of June, timing is everything. I picked the most dramatic angle which shows off the building under natural light. I tried to work with the Hyatt and house keeping to see if I could get all the blinds open and some things are completely out of your control.

Wow, clean colorful, excellent composition, attention to detail is a must. Thus was shot at dawn 5:20 am to eliminate the people and the blue light out the exterior windows to contrast with the warmth of the interior colors.

Excellent design and color, the architects did a great job designing the space. I always like to shoot one point perspectives, they just push your eyes to the center of the photo.
All I have to do is pick the best angles and execute.

Excellent colorful art, the wood and furnishing, looks awesome. It would say a great job on picking the best angles in the space and delivering, clean, crisp colorful photo’s.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography


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