Del Campo Science Center, Sacramento, Ca.

It’s always nice to shoot at pre sunrise or dusk to capture dramatic photo’s. In this case

I was shooting at dawn, I usually prefer to have the sun to my back, it acts as a fill light.

I just had to grab this angle to get the warm glow of the morning sun which contrasts all the blue colors.

Shooting at dusk, coordinate window blinds, have extra people to keep the lights on for the motion sensors.

I always like to grab partial elevations and just love the warm glow from the morning sun.

The front was shot at pre sunrise and after the sunrise early morning shots with clouds were captured.

This is shot at dusk and there is always something which is out of your control. In this case we had temporary fencing up to protect the new grass, too much to take everything down for the shot. A couple of hours of photoshop and the problem was fixed

Clean nice use of color and graphics. My client always provide extra people so I can art direct from behind the camera, lots of moving furniture and cleanup to get these shots.

I always pay get attention to the details, all of the props we gathered from other classrooms to get the final shots.

This was a very cost effective photo shoot my fee were split four ways, Nacht & Lewis Architects, XL Construction, Kitchell & Degenkolb Structural Engineers.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photograpjy


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