Old Castle Building Envelope, Dallas Texas

Assignment: To photograph the window wall system at Kaiser Hospital.

These kind of projects always have their challenges. I scouted the project prior to figure out what was best for the most dramatic shots. This project had a north orientation with no sun on this side of the building until June. The solution was to shoot a pre sunrise or a dusk depending on the which way you want the light. To eliminate the cars shoot on a weekend but the energy management system had all the interior lights off, “had to cancel”.

Yes you come back during the week and take your chances with the cars, one car in the shot. I am very patient waited to shoot my final of this view after the car was gone, sometimes it’s all about being lucky.

This works very well and has a nice perspective that shows off the window wall system. My final view, I moved to the left 10′ to be able to see the end of the building.

This was just a kind of a grab shot that showed off the entrance and had great reflections in the glazing at sunset. Clean, crisp and your eyes end up at the window wall.

Excellent composition, nice curves that pull your eyes into the photo.

Shooting at pre sunrise we get to capture and nice glow in the glazing, timing is everything.

Let’s move to the other side of the building at sunset and capture a partial elevation.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People and Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography



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