Sierra College Kitchen Remodel

Nacht & Lewis Architects

I always like a one point perspective it’s simple and both sides of the photo just pulls your eyes into the photo. I would have preferred to have all of the trays filled with food but because of Covid-19 the kitchen has remained closed, so we do the best we can with good clean composition.

All of these shots we had a team of three people to help clean the space. With the school shutdown because of the Covid-19 we had lots of cleanup to do. Since we do not have any color in the trays for the food, I decided to add some movement of people for human interest.

Lots of cleaning the stainless steel and all of the glass counters had tons of dust on them, major cleanup to get the finals shots.

Ed Asmus

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Golden West School

Manteca, California, USA

DLR Group

My plan was to set up at pre sunrise, turn on any interior and exterior lighting and shoot from a 12′ ladder. The idea was good but when you got to the top of the ladder we got to see all the mechanical equipment on the roof, cancel that idea.

I do like this shot and carefully placing the fence in the foreground eliminates the pavement.

I always like to have as many partial views as possible.

We move back inside after we complete our exteriors. Our client wanted to have some people in the shots to help humanize the spaces.

This works for being in open shade, nice scale of placement of the people.

Clean, simple make it look real and shoot the final image.

I think we covered all of the areas that we needed to shoot.

I like this shot not to busy with to many people in the shot.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

Normandy Medical Center, Stockton, Ca.

All of my work involves pre production scouting, it ties down the scope of work, answers problems prior to the photo shoot and I get to decide what is best for each illustration.
Excellent use of stong colors and these shots had an western exposure with glazing, harsh daylight entering the space the solution shoot at dusk when the outside light values start to change, this was determined thru the pre production scouting.

It’s aways nice to shoot one point perspectives it just pushes your eyes into the composition. This also had to be done after the sun went down to lower the contrast out the exterior windows.

I always like to shoot over the paritions to get a birds eye view which just adds depth the the final illustration. We always like to include a typical exam room, excellent color, rasting colors and great artwork.

Client: WMB Architects

Ed Asmus
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Dry Creek School, Antelope, California

Pre production scouting tied down the scope of work. It was determined from the scouting the we wanted to shoot at pre sunrise and have all of the interior and exterior lights on. In this case was had to have a extra person in the building to keep the lights on from the motion sensors. Our second shot was from a Drone which gave us a birds eye view .
Pick an angle that is clean, simple, set the furniture, remove any clutter, with years of practice, it just makes this process easy. I actually like the metal mixed with the wood, the woods just adds enough warmth to pull your eyes into the composition. The second shot it always nice to pick a birds eye view, this let’s you see over the partitions and just adds lots of depth the the final illustration.
It’s always nice to pick a birds eye view to be able to see over the partitions in these kind of shots, it just adds lots of depth in the final illustration. Good clean composition, contrasting colors and shot at the right time of the day to mix the light from the skylights, timing is everything.
There are two versions to this shot, one shot the blinds are open with daylight coming into the space, the outside light is a distraction to me. The next version is with the blinds down, this just balances the composition, adding some blue light out the windows just adds some depth.

Client: Nacht & Lewis Architects & Otto Construction.

Ed Asmus
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Cable Residence

The Cable Residence, Carmichael, California, USA

It’s all about timing picking the right weather coordinating the lighting and delivering.

Move in closer for a detail shot.

Add a fire and capture the outdoor dining area.

Need to shoot as view views you can get inside and outside at dusk, must move quickly.

Always nice to capture the entry, had to run power cords & hide them to add lighting to lamp in the foreground.

Shooting at dusk always allows for use the outside light as a contrasting colors.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

Private Residence Chico, California

Shot with supplemental lighting, pick the angles, clean, accessorize and wait until the light values start dropping outside to show off the interiors, then I good to go.

Shot with available light only, timing is everything, just wait for the outside light values to drop and then move on to the next shot.

Shot with supplemental lighting and waiting until the light values change outside soe we can have some contrasting colors.

Shot with available light only, five sshots combined in HDR to lower the contrast in the lights and the windows over the bed. It a wrap.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People, & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography


Farm Credit West, Rocklin, California

With a very long list of pre production scouting the final scope was tied down, now I can get to work. I always like to shoot at pre sunrise, which is one of my favorite times to shoot, these two shots were done on two separate morning.
Clean and style all of the shots, attention to detail is a must.
We did have maintance problems, easy to cancel the shoot, we had most of the overhead lights were burned out, not enough time to wait for maintenance, I will just fix the lights in photoshop. All of the angles that were picked were to show off the curves, strong diagional lines that push your eyes into the final composition.
Clean, colorful, picking the right time to control the outside light values is always critical in these kind of shots.
It’s always nice to look back the other way and in this shot it shows off the flooring, artwork and the natural daylighting. The second shot it’s always nice to capture a birds eye view which just adds depth the the final shot.
Excellent circulation, great plants, awesome flooring and the use natural light makes this a great place to work.
A very large conference room, take your time, set all of the chairs to the same height and let’s pull a detail shot on the back wall.
Here is another morning at pre sunrise. I wantedin the gym to have contrasting colors from the outside blue light to the yellow walls to give some contrast. The other shot let’s open the exterior glazing so we can have an open relationship to the outside patio. This shot took sometime to do to open all of the partitions, but I was there extra early and with the help of Brad from Farm Credit West, everything went smooth.

Client: Borges Architectural Group, Harrison construction, & Corporate Design Group.

Ed Asmus

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Barlett Commons Davis, California

Mogavero Architects, Sacramento, California, USA

Pre production scouting was used to tie down the scope of work and bring in multiple clients to share in the costs.  This was planned to shoot in early springtime before all of the trees had their foliage.

I always try to start at pre sunrise to be able to capture the soft light, open shadows and bring a little of the exterior lighting to help set a colorful mood.

This was a N-E orientation and had to be shot at pre sunrise to get light on the north side of the building.

Coordination  is everything you just don’t show up and have a cleared parking lot.  Working with the building manager we were able to almost have a 100% cleared parking lot.

A slight variation in the shot above proper placement of the light fixture is critical.

It’s always nice to capture some kind of detail shot and in this case I like how the window screens block the light.

Always nice to show off how the circulation works.

A very strong vertical just captures a lot in this kind of shot.

Let’s come back at dusk and shoot some exteriors

Run to the inside accessorize the foreground and capture the blue light out the windows which helps set contrasting colors.

I was lucky I had a new client from Southern California that also wanted this shot, very easy with the pre pre production work done to send the scouting shots and split the fees between two clients

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography