Cable Residence

The Cable Residence, Carmichael, California, USA

It’s all about timing picking the right weather coordinating the lighting and delivering.

Move in closer for a detail shot.

Add a fire and capture the outdoor dining area.

Need to shoot as view views you can get inside and outside at dusk, must move quickly.

Always nice to capture the entry, had to run power cords & hide them to add lighting to lamp in the foreground.

Shooting at dusk always allows for use the outside light as a contrasting colors.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

Private Residence Chico, California

Shot with supplemental lighting, pick the angles, clean, accessorize and wait until the light values start dropping outside to show off the interiors, then I good to go.

Shot with available light only, timing is everything, just wait for the outside light values to drop and then move on to the next shot.

Shot with supplemental lighting and waiting until the light values change outside soe we can have some contrasting colors.

Shot with available light only, five sshots combined in HDR to lower the contrast in the lights and the windows over the bed. It a wrap.

Ed Asmus

Architectural, People, & Drone Photography

Ed Asmus Photography


Farm Credit West, Rocklin, California

With a very long list of pre production scouting the final scope was tied down, now I can get to work. I always like to shoot at pre sunrise, which is one of my favorite times to shoot, these two shots were done on two separate morning.
Clean and style all of the shots, attention to detail is a must.
We did have maintance problems, easy to cancel the shoot, we had most of the overhead lights were burned out, not enough time to wait for maintenance, I will just fix the lights in photoshop. All of the angles that were picked were to show off the curves, strong diagional lines that push your eyes into the final composition.
Clean, colorful, picking the right time to control the outside light values is always critical in these kind of shots.
It’s always nice to look back the other way and in this shot it shows off the flooring, artwork and the natural daylighting. The second shot it’s always nice to capture a birds eye view which just adds depth the the final shot.
Excellent circulation, great plants, awesome flooring and the use natural light makes this a great place to work.
A very large conference room, take your time, set all of the chairs to the same height and let’s pull a detail shot on the back wall.
Here is another morning at pre sunrise. I wantedin the gym to have contrasting colors from the outside blue light to the yellow walls to give some contrast. The other shot let’s open the exterior glazing so we can have an open relationship to the outside patio. This shot took sometime to do to open all of the partitions, but I was there extra early and with the help of Brad from Farm Credit West, everything went smooth.

Client: Borges Architectural Group, Harrison construction, & Corporate Design Group.

Ed Asmus

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Ed Asmus Photography

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Barlett Commons Davis, California

Mogavero Architects, Sacramento, California, USA

Pre production scouting was used to tie down the scope of work and bring in multiple clients to share in the costs.  This was planned to shoot in early springtime before all of the trees had their foliage.

I always try to start at pre sunrise to be able to capture the soft light, open shadows and bring a little of the exterior lighting to help set a colorful mood.

This was a N-E orientation and had to be shot at pre sunrise to get light on the north side of the building.

Coordination  is everything you just don’t show up and have a cleared parking lot.  Working with the building manager we were able to almost have a 100% cleared parking lot.

A slight variation in the shot above proper placement of the light fixture is critical.

It’s always nice to capture some kind of detail shot and in this case I like how the window screens block the light.

Always nice to show off how the circulation works.

A very strong vertical just captures a lot in this kind of shot.

Let’s come back at dusk and shoot some exteriors

Run to the inside accessorize the foreground and capture the blue light out the windows which helps set contrasting colors.

I was lucky I had a new client from Southern California that also wanted this shot, very easy with the pre pre production work done to send the scouting shots and split the fees between two clients

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

Sonoma Hospital

Nacht & Lewis Architects, Sacramento, California, USA

All of my work involves a pre production trip to tie down the scope of work and address any problems prior to the photo shoot.  When I was scheduled for the interiors the exteriors were not ready to shoot.  Here is a partial view, I really like how the shadows cast shadows on the overhangs.

Timing is everything and this was was critical had to be shot at dusk, there is no other way to do this, it just adds the depth when it’s done like this.

Run inside set all the furniture and capture the right moment when the outside light levels start to drop.  Having the blue light out the windows just gives contrasting colors which always helps.  There is always clean up to make the shots right.

Let’s move in closer to capture the seating area.

Awesome to have some creative art on the walls.  Sometimes we have to shoot around things that are not finished, in this case, the fish aquarium, art work and books missing which  would have completed the shot, but it still works.

It’s always nice to show the circulation and the changing floor materials.

Let’s move in where the surgery happens, shoot a 3/4 view and remove any clutter and it works.

I am shooting thru a window to get this view, I have to work with what I have, no staff  available to help accessorize or gather any props, I am on my own.

This was one of the rooms that felt completely done, only minor adjustments and shoot the finals.

We are ready to move up to the second floor and let’s start in the waiting area.. Clean, simple and caught at the exact moment when the outside light is not to bright.

Set the curtains, clean and accessorize and it would have been nice to have the counter accessorized, just have to work around what I have available. 

This had to be done when the outside light values drop to cut down from the daylight coming in the windows. Attention to detail is a must, the only thing that was missing were the beds, just have to shoot around it.

The Sterilization room, clean, accessorize and keep it simple.

We move into the major surgery room, work with what I have, clean, accessorize and pick good clean angles

Pride Industries on Location

We had a very successful shoot in the studio and out next assignment was to shoot on location. 

All of my work has pre production work to tie down the scope of work, address any problems prior to the shoot then everything runs like a Swiss watch.

From the scouting to the final image no surprises, clean architectural lines, excellent supplemental lighting, great color and it’s looks real like it is not a staged shot.

I just like the bold use of contrasting colors, simple and clean.

Probably my favorite shot great contrasting colors, great expressions and it looks like a clean corporate interior.

Let’s work this shot great contrast between the the red chair and the green wall, a show stopper.

Pride Industries also works in the food service industry and we wanted to show this aspect of what they do, clean and colorful.

It’s always nice to show their personality  with a great smile and using professional models made my work a lot easier.

We had to shoot with safety glasses on and off in various locations

Simple, clean, colorful with excellent supplemental lighting. 

It would have been nice to have more than two models to give them more working possibilities but sometimes I have to work with what I have.  A great shoot and I am very pleased with the finals images.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

Pride Industries IN THE STUDIO

Pride Industries an update to their web site

I have done their annual report for a long time and Pride wanted to go in a different direction, open ears we came up with a plan and a cost effective solution to put new life into their web site. They wanted to have new people shots, so we decided to shoot in the studio and shoot many variations with different props.

We had a team approach, we thought it would be best to use professional models and we had great talent to pull this off.

We wanted to show simple clean shots of how they actually work in the field.

Simple clean shots

It was important to show all aspects of the kind of work that they do. All of these images have a place in their web site and can be used for years.

Nice smile and we have a good selection of people to give some diversity.

Having a great make-up artist like Jean Fox , a second set of eyes always helps when you have to deliver clean colorful images

We wanted to show individual shots of people so we would have a great selection of images to work from.

I always like to have fun no matter what I do and let’s end up with a fun shot. I just like having the models get in the cart, smile , just doing something different.

I hope you enjoyed my artistic vision with Pride Industries. Look to the next shoot on location at Vision Service Plan.

Ed Asmus

Ed Asmus Photography

Corporate shots

My good friend of mine wanted some professional shots of his  
granddaughter who wants to be a professional singer. Come to the 
studio and I will help her get to first base with photo's. I think it 
was a good start.


Shot in the studio, with a Broncolor Move system and a Para 88 fashion umbrella. This is the raw file, no retouching, no make up artist. She definitely needs some re touching to smooth the skin.


In a separate portrait program, I added skin smoothing, added eye 
shadow, eye liner, changed the color of the lip stick, and made her 
cheeks stand out. Wow!


All the same re touching as the above shot, clean and simple.


All the same re touching as the above shot but in a new layer, I 
wanted to soften the background, to give a different look to the finalimage.


I like having the freedom to be creative, it always allows my vision to come thru in this portrait.  In a portrait program, enhanced the face, then in a separate photoshop program, I added a layer the make it look like a caulk painting, then came back in and erased the effects over her face. I think the final results with no makeup artist,  look amazing. Just having these tools at your finger tips just opens up many possibilities.



Anything is possible this might be an album cover. I next shoot might be on location maybe in some old alleyway.


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Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer

PZ Structural Engineers Interiors

_Q8A8183.jpgAll of my work I actually do a pre production walk thru, shoot digital images and put those images into a 8 1/2 x 11 proposal.  This answers many questions, best times to shoot, address cleanup and from the scouting shots everybody is on the same page.

_Q8A7930.jpgClean simply bold with the use on contrasting colors and artwork.

_Q8A7936.jpgMany angles to choose from which show off the space.

_Q8A8110.jpgWith the help of the staff all of the interiors were clean, ready to shoot all I had to do was pick the best time of the day and accessorize the shots.

_Q8A8035.jpgSome of the shots, I shot from an elevated position to get a bird’s eye view.

_Q8A8399.jpgI  like to add people to humanize the space when its appropriate, adding motion with a slight blur just makes it look like the space is being used.

_Q8A8436.jpgFrom the pre production scouting we were able to choose what is best for this shot, on a week day we had distracting cars out the windows, on a weekend no cars and by setting up cones in the parking lot we were able to make this a clean and colorful shot._Q8A8525.jpgWith the help of Cameon at PZ, we were able to have some staff available for this shot, clean, real, colorful and bold.

_Q8A8503.jpgLet’s just make it free real, not staged and this works real nice.

_Q8A8468.jpgMy day started here at 10:00 in the morning, then we took a break, came back one hour before dusk to shoot the people shots and shoot any dusk shots. My fees were split with three clients and the furniture manufacturer came on later to buy usage on images.

In the end, I am happy, when I please myself, my standards are always set high, everybody is happy and that’s what is all about delivering your artistic vision every time.

Ed Asmus

Architectural People Photographer


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